2019 Nova Scotia Trip travel blog

This will be a very brief update for the blog. We are stuck in Rock Springs until at least this coming Friday at the earliest. We drove to the This morning we drove to the Cummins facility and got there 15 minutes before their posted opening time, but the door was open so we walked in. We discussed the problem we have been having and we provided them with copies of the previous work that has been done on the DPF in Flagstaff and New Glasgow. If the DPF needs to be replaced we have no idea how long it will be and we will have to get a motel or hotel room until the parts arrive and then installed.

Ross thought that he had the problem solved with the new tool he purchased but there is problem with the use of the device. The device must be able to clear any active codes but our motorhome is not equipped with a reset button. Ross assumed that the device itself would clear the codes but he has learned that there is no switch in our motorhome that will allow us to clear the codes. Ross did learn that there may be a way for such a switch to be installed but we will have to wait until Thursday to discuss the matter along with learning what must be done to solve our DPF filter problems.

That is it for now.

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