North to Alaska 2019 travel blog


































































Glad I didn't step in that.









































Sling drillers and carvers sat in to do their work.











I had to promise Marci a Ice Cream Cone to walk up...







































Lots to do here, we will be here for the next 4 days. "EXPLORING" (That means Pictures to come)

Wall Drug first because the overcast might make the Monument photos look bad. Still, WALL DRUG.... Need I say more?

We went to Wall Drug today and since it is at the edge of the Bad Lands, we did that too. We saw Bison, Big Horn Sheep and Prairie Dogs as well as all the stark landscape the is so beautiful in its Desolate appearance. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

The Dogs are going to the beauty parlor tomorrow.

Visited Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse today. Lots of Pictures so please enjoy.

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