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Luggage boat

People boat with wonderful driver Charles

Welcome to Chobe Water Villas

Chobe Water Villas

Sunset on Chobe River after animal viewings - too many to show

Day 14. Tuesday. 27/8/19. Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls to Chobe Water Villas, Namibia

Filling in forms for Botswana (transit) and chatting with our guide, the question arose as to the cost of this accommodation. Hold your breath - Rack Rate - US$1000 per night! Everything is included including washing and ironing, but whoa.....blows our minds. Farewell to Zimbabwe as we reach the border gate. Exiting Zimbabwe, we were In and out of immigration quickly, the officer who stamped our passports saying ‘good-aye mate’ with a big grin, to each of us. And then we sat waiting for the bus to come across the border from Botswana, and we and our luggage transferred to this new bus.....after having to step into filthy dirty water to ‘decontaminate’ our shoes! The queue of trucks wanting to enter Zimbabwe was kilometres long, and John said sometimes they can wait up to weeks to cross. The queue was not quite as long entering into Botswana. Zimbabwe is a very poor country, Botswana more affluent. Only a short ride on the bus before into Immigration again before we could enter Namibia, which is where the Chobe River Lodge is situated. All luggage off the bus and transferred to a small boat while we went onto a bigger one - only just big enough for the 11 of us, but bigger than the one with our luggage. Up the Chobe River, which runs into the Zambezi River, and is quite wide and a very pretty trip which took about 20-30 mins. We passed an island in the middle of the river called Sedudu Island about which there was a discrepancy between Botswana and Namibia over who owned it. It went to the High Court in The Hague, and eventually Botswana was given ownership because it was in the deepest part of the river which was closest to Botswana. There is a big flag on this small island, showing who’s boss! Past our Lodge to the Namibian Immigration, which entailed a beach landing and climb what seemed like the biggest sand-dune ever - not easy! Passports stamped, back on boat and back to our accommodation for 2 days. It’s quite amazing, with the villas on stilts and right on the water. Boat is the only way in and out. After lunch we went on a boat up the Namibia side of the river, spotting hippos, elephants, crocodiles, elands, antelope, Cape buffalo, giraffe and a variety of birds. After the sunset, we were back in time for dinner, tried to use the internet which is very patchy, so went to bed. Another full day.

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