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Country transport

Round huts

Lady’s face changed to smiles when we smiled and waved to her.

So different seeing animals in the wild than at a zoo

A family of elephants

African sunset

Zebra up close and personal

Coctail night...although we had to dress for dinner every night

Day 11. Saturday. 24/8/19. Bulawayo to Thompson’s Junction n or Hwange Nat. Pk

We were stopped for about 45 minutes seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but the children found us. We were throwing packets of biscuits out to them when an announcement was made not to do it because of safety reasons- makes sense, but a bit sad. Although the Kitchen packages up any excess food and passes it to people whenever we stop. Passed a lot of single or clusters of round huts with donkeys nearby.

After lunch we went on a drive in Hwange National Park where our first sighting was 2 giraffes.....what a thrill. We watched them for a while then continued on to a another water hole where we saw elephants. Another thrill. And zebras! We drove around for 3.5 hours and saw wilderbeast which are also called gnu because of the sound of their grunt, kudu, a type of antelope, springbok (which we had for dinner a couple of nights ago), warthogs, gazelle, but missed seeing the lion as it was some distance away and lay back down as we arrived. Many birds, some beautiful colours, especially with the sun shining on them. We had Sundowners at the Hide just before we left the park - drinks of your choice, ribs, sausages in bacon, chicken wings, meat balls and veg. quiche. And then.......back on the train for dinner - lobster tails tonight!! Being our last night there was a coctail party after dinner, but most people were tired and we went down and chatted for an hour or so, but bed called.

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