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Coastal Drive 1


Granite Trail 1

Granite Trail 2

Granite Trail 3

Cindy, Joey at Rose Blanche Lighthouse

Rose Blanche Granite Lighthouse

Fishing Village Built in the Granite

We traveled to Newfoundland via Ferry yesterday. It was a 7 hour crossing in very high seas. The Ferry was huge, very comfortable and safe. Seas were about 12 feet but with this size of ship you barely noticed.

Today we drove down the Canadian National Highway once again. Through the lower part of the Long Range Mountains and then east on the southern shore of the island. This section is called the Granite Coastal Drive. It is properly named as there is absolutely nothing there except granite. Lots of little fishing ports and at the end of the road we toured a granite lighthouse, Rose Blanche. It is the only granite lighthouse on the island.

There are lots of very pretty vistas along this drive. There is just barely enough topsoil to support some prairie grasses, shrubs, and small trees. Tall trees don't grow on this part of the island as they would have no chance of survival with the high winds. At times the winds come through the mountains up to 160 mph. The winds have actually derailed trains in past years. Fortunately, no big winds today.

To the west of us is the Codroy Valley. This is one of richest areas of soil on the island I am told. That being said, you have to look hard to see any planted fields. The communities are about 150 years old and are very family oriented. The majority of Europeans that settled here were the Scottish the settles in Nova Scotia and didn't like the taxation,so they moved here. This had to be a very hard place to live. What we have seen so far is a big granite rock. They must have depending on fishing almost exclusively.

We have decided to focus the next 8 days on the western coast of Newfoundland. This is the rural section of island and also the most scenic. We are looking forward to many beautiful views. Next stop will be the Gros Morne National Park. We have a couple of boat trips planned at this location. We are going to get "screeched" tomorrow on the boat trip. Not exactly sure what that means but it includes and a yellow slicker, rum, and kissing a cod.

Last night was the first time we had to turn the furnace on. It got down to 43. Too cold for a couple of Floridians.

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