Rich and Cindy Ackman PEI and Nova Scotia 2019 travel blog

Red Shoe Pub

We got a little too adverturesome

Not a bad view

Another nice view

HIghlands view


Glenora 2

Genora 3

1700 Gaelic Hut

1820 Gaelic House on NS

1920 Gaelic House on NS

1950 Gaelic House on NS

1900 School House

1900 Carding Mill (wool processing)

Joey in the Schoolhouse

Bras D'or Lake 1

Bras D'or Lake 2

We spent a couple of days traveling parts of the Ceilidh Trail. This section of Cape Breton Island is the Gaelic, Scottish section of the island. The Scottish first settled hear in the early 1700's. Basically they were starving to death in Scotland so they set out here, not knowing what to expect. The temperature and climate are similar to Scotland, but the the land is totally different. They had a lot of hard days, but ended up very successful.

Our first stop was at Inverness Beach where we spent a couple of hours searching for Sea Glass. We had a lot of fun doing this and actually found some. It is quite an activity on this beach. It really has no value but it's exciting when you find some.

We then made our way to the Gelnora Distillery. This is a real neat place. The owners started it in the 1990's with the idea of making a single malt scotch. Actually you can't make a scotch anywhere but in Scotland, so it is actually a single malt whiskey, that taste like scotch. The place has a small Inn and a great restaurant also. We took their tour and tasted their product.

Next stop was the Red Shoe Pub where we enjoyed a little snack. We were there too early for the entertainment.

The next day we went to Iona which is the home of Baile nan Geidheal Highland Village. This village is a reenactment of a typical Gaelic community and how it evolved from about 1700 until about 1920. They have 14 period building that are staffed with guides to explain that period of time. We spent about 3 hours there and really enjoyed it. It's an interesting culture.

We then enjoyed the views of Bras D'or Lake on our way home. This is a huge salt water inlet lake off the Atlantic Ocean. Lots of pretty vistas.

Tomorrow we are off to Newfoundland and more adventures.

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