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This has got to be difficult!!!!!!

We are all set up for about 4 days on Cape Breton Island. Today we drove the Cabot Trail, which is one of the major highlights of Nova Scotia. The trail gets its name from John Cabot, an Italian explorer who discovered the area in 1497 on mission from England's King Henry VII.

The trail is about 185 miles of coastal road that is so special. You drive up and down mountain passes and along the coast with beautiful scenery around every turn. It took us about 8 hours to make the journey. At the north end of the trail is the Cape Breton

Highlands National Park. The area is extremely well preserved.

There are so many bays and marinas you can't count them all. Lobster boats everywhere. It's amazing that the ocean can support so many lobster boats!!!!!!!!!

Lots of bicyclers try to ride the entire trail. I can't imagine even attempting it. It has to be the most difficult 185 mile stretch I have ever seen for a bicycle. Most of the hills are 12 to 15 degree grades and some as much as 5 miles long. It would be very hard to even walk this trail. For the hikers, this is paradise. There are trails everywhere.

Lots more to see tomorrow.

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