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It was a long day including a drive to the Ferry, Ferry Ride and a drive to Baddeck NS but we got here at about 2:0 p.m. We decided to go to the Welcome Center at Baddeck to learn about the local sites and stumbled across the Alexander Graham Bell National Historical Site. It was a wonderful experience and we learned so much about Bell that we were never aware of. I know some of you like "factoids" and some don't. For those who don't you can stop reading now and wait for my next post. For those of you who enjoy a few facts, keep reading.

Bell was born and raised in Scotland. His family migrated to North America when Bell was a young man. Although we all know that he was the inventor of the telephone, this was not really his passion. Bell's mother was deaf and his father was the inventor of Visable Speech. This is a system of communications using positions of the mouth and face muscles. Bell's primary passion was working with deaf people and was a pioneer in this area. He invented a host of aids and training procedures to assist the deaf. His invention of the telephone was in large part transmitting sound electrically over wire.

He assisted in training Helen Keller an Anne Sullivan. In her later years Helen Keller made the statement "I did not dream that meeting Mr. Bell would be the door through which I should pass from darkness into light."

The telephone gave Bell the financial security to pursue his dreams. Bell was not a professional inventor, but more of a man of high curiosity that liked to experiment. He often lost interesting in projects when they reached the manufacturing stage and went off in other directions. Bell's wife actually handled all the family business and finance.

His primary passion was man to fly. He worked primarily with kites to experiment and also felt that flight could be achieved taking off from water instead of from land. One of Bell's associates was actually killed in a crash with the Wright Brothers. Bell was very fearful of developing machines that could cause death.

In the museum are replicas of a HD-4 Hydrofoil and also the airplane that Bell and his associates designed. The HD-4 held the water speed record for many years.

I could go on and on about the many things Bell invented but it would take far too long. He was an amazing man.

OK The history lesson is over for today.


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