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Statue of Lenin

Apartment Buildings (Flats) and Tram Car

Bus #22

...please let me out of here...

another bus pic

Lenin's monument in the city

there are about 600,000 people in Yaroslavl (population of the entire state of alaska). there are people walking everywhere, cars honking, busses, trams and taxis and lots of concrete. this is the first time ive ever lived in the middle of a city this size, and theres alot going on here. i wish (not really) that i had lived in a large city in the states so that i could compare/contrast that experience with this one. sally and i went into a crowded restaurant on saturday night to get a coke. i wasnt comfortable in there. not because everything was in russian, or because everyone was speaking russian, or because we were most casual dressed people in the place (this turned heads), but because there were too many people. i think its good for me to be living in a city for now. i need a taste. its not what i prefer, and i think thats exactly why i need to be here.

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