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I was in the motorhome, when all of a sudden lights and...

I could hear the ambulance siren from the highway racing to our...

I counted two sheriff deputies and half a dozen fire department and...

The ambulance crew bailed out and brought a gurney into the cabin.

The need to go to the hospital was news to everyone, including...

After a few minutes, things started to quiet down, and our univited...

Yesterday afternoon, our lake cabin was suddenly invaded by law enforcement, fire department rescue workers, and an ambulance team. All unrequested by me, my wife Hazel, or our daughter Annie, visiting at the time.

An out-of-state relative got a little excited, learning that Hazel has been in pain and discomfort since her thyroid surgery last week, (Hazel is fighting cancer), and decided to call 911 to report the situation. Within minutes we had seven or eight people in the cabin wanting to haul Hazel out the door and off to the hospital in Monticello, Minnesota.

Hazel made it clear to all that this was not going to happen.

Now we know that if there is ever a real emergency, these folks move fast. But, if there is a next time, will they think we are "calling wolf"?

Will I be getting a bill in the mail for an ambulance run? That would be the insult, I hear those outfits charge an arm and a leg to save your arm and a leg. As for well-meaning relatives, please let us handle these matters on-site without assistance.

A beautiful day here this morning, the forecast is for calm.

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