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The Unbelieveable Biltmore Estate

It has been tough on us trying to adjust to the temperatures in North Carolina. We are in a cycle where we are experiencing pop up showers almost every afternoon. It leaves the temperatures in the upper 60's. Then lows drop to the low 60's or even upper 50's. We have had to come in the Bus and not sit outside very late in the evening. Sunset is now in the later 8:00 p.m. hour. After we walk down and feed the horses around 8:00 we have been sitting out on the patio area and enjoying the beauty of our surroundings. Alas, some evenings have been too cool. BUT, we are trying to adapt as quickly as possible.

Tuesday was my golf outing day. I went to Lake Junaluska and played on their little course. It is not a long course...probably similar to what Fair Park was in Little Rock. Yardage was around 5,000 yards. I was paired with a couple staying in Franklin, about 30 miles away. The were both in their 80's but got around rather well. They had played the course several times so I did not get lost. Things were slow because the course was backed up but we teed off at 10:00 a.am and finished just before 3:00 p.m. Then back to the Bus, after a stop by Burger King for a jumbo iced tea. Sue was visiting with our neighbors next to us and I joined for a while. Then it was off to the Bus to shower and have dinner. Sue is doing a great job on having dinners at the Bus and we stayed in except for running and filling up the truck, so we could leave early Wednesday morning to visit the Biltmore. In bed early so we could get up early on Wednesday.

Wednesday - Up before 6:00 a.m. and ready to leave by a little after 7:00. We would have been earlier, BUT...Ziva's walk took longer than usual. I think she was protesting having to take her walk so early. We arrived at the Biltmore around 8:15 and could not enter until 8:30. We managed to make it for our scheduled 9:00 a.m. entry time. We got one great picture of Biltmore. It is still breathtaking to walk up through the trees and be staring straight down the drives at the front of the house. It is just your basic 175,000 square foot house. It was our second time to take the basic tour. This time we made sure we listened to every side story on the headsets. I think the first time we were so aware that we were part of a group that we may have not listened to everything. We were through by 11:00. We had reservations at the Stable Café for 11:30. However, the Café had an issue with their fire alarm and no one was admitted until the fire department came and investigated. We made it in about 11:40 and had a good meal. It was a little overpriced but we were prepared since it was a captive dining area. When we finished we toured the gift shops and Sue found a purse that she liked and ended up making a purchase. Then we took another tour of some behind-the-scenes views of different areas that are not part of the general tour. We enjoyed the tours but by the time we were through and had walked back to the truck, we were ready to sit for a while. We were back to the Bus a little after 4:00 p.m. Ziva was more than glad to see us. A walk and light meal for dinner and then the walk to see the horses (and the expected carrots) we were both ready for bed. There were spotty pop up showers so it was nice and cool. The rain up in the mountains kept the creek behind the Bus running and bubbling a little more than usual. Oh, what a way to sleep.

Thursday was the first of the month. Sue had some computer time to get our books ready for the new month so we did not get out until mid afternoon. We ended up at WalMart for a few groceries and got them home with out getting them wet. It was raining a little heavier than usual for a pop up shower. It was more or less a real rain cloud moving through for about three hours. We went to dinner with about 15 others in the Park at a local restaurant at 6:00 p.m. We spent about two hours there and met several new folks and enjoyed our time there. The food was typical small town restaurant and rather blah. But the fellowship was fun.

Friday, we slept later than the last few days. We stayed close to the Bus all day. Starting about noon the showers were through regularly. It made for great napping weather. We ended up grilling hamburgers late this afternoon and making our late evening trip to feed the horses. We sat outside and watched a few minutes of TV before deciding to finish the dishes and put up the outside furniture in case it continued to rain during the night. Anyway, it will be an early evening to get to bed, so we can hear the creek rolling below our back window.

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