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Our international rafting team. A couple from Holland, Hong Kong, and us.

We could only take photos in the calm parts of the river,...

Here we are in our One Size Fits All helmuts. Marc with...

Looking down on one stretch of rapids, while we were taking a...

The team at camp.

Home sweet home!

Just like everything else in Nepal, the rivers are a marvel of natural beauty. They start high in the Himalayas and carve deep valleys and canyons as they work their way down-hill towards India. We took a two day (50+ KM)rafting trip on the Thrisuli River, one of Nepal's largest. The forest surrounding this river was so dense and green that it is probably more accurate to call it a jungle. There were countless waterfalls cascading down the cliffs into the river, which just increased it's size as we went. The volume of water was incredible, and the rapids were stronger and more exciting than any we had ever encountered.

On one set of crazy rapids our raft actually flipped over, sending all of us (7 total) into the river! Lisy was lucky enough to hang onto the raft. While I, sitting in front of the raft, was thrown too far away to hang on and was taken down the whole set of rapids without anything but a life jacket and helmut. But since nobody got hurt it ended up being an exciting experience.

After rafting the first day we camped along the banks of the river. Sleeping under the stars in the cool mountain air was great. It was nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and just listen to the river, look at the stars and watch the fire-flies buzz about. After tjhe second day of rafting we hopped on a crazy local bus to the town of Pokhara. The bus was super crowded, and seemed to cling precariously to the cliffs as it winded through the mountains. The bus ride might have been scarier than the rapids! At least we were able to get seats, many people go on the roof along with the animals and luggage!!

We love the nature and beauty of Nepal, and the people are also very kind and they have a fascinating Hindu/Buddhist culture. Our next activity is to go trekking in the higher mountains, we can't wait.

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