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We made it to Valdez today in the rain. Funny thing is, I was here 10 years ago and it rained the whole time then too. We are staying at the Eagles Res RV Park. Hope we get a couple of clear days for some better pictures. My motor for the hydraulic leveling and slide-outs will be here Friday and I will do my best to do the repairs myself.

The Motor did not arrive on Friday and was rescheduled for Monday, fingers crossed.

Marci and I enjoyed the wildlife and Glacier tour we took at Seward and decided to go on another here in Valdez. We went out on the Lu Lu Belle. The day started out extremely overcast and foggy. We saw lots of Otters and Sea Lions. We saw Puffin and Eagles and we saw Dall Porpoises although their visit was so short lived, neither of us got a picture of them. There were no whales at all. The Columbia Glacier is the one we were supposed to see and we saw more icebergs than I have ever seen, the boat looked like an ice breaker trying to get to the glacier. In short we never got closer than 4 miles away which was not close enough to see any of the Calving. the winds were high and the temp in the ice field was about 34 degrees minus the chill factor, whatever it was. I hope the pictures are enjoyable, the trip really wasn't.

We did some fishing from the shore and caught lots of Pink Salmon, Marci caught the only one by the mouth, all the others were snagged but still fun to bring in. I thought you could only keep the ones that were hooked in the mouth but when I got back to the RV Park to clean Marci's catch, they said you can keep them all here. Oh well, it was fun at any rate.

OK for those of you that are interested in my parts issues, here is the tale of my Hydraulic Motor. It was scheduled to arrive on the 26th of July, it didn't. They rescheduled for delivery on the 29th again it did not arrive. The Tracking information showed that it had arrived in Anchorage on the 25th so there should not have been any problem but of course that did not mean there wasn't a problem. I tried finding a phone number for Anchorage UPS and no mater what number I dialed I got the National UPS help desk who also could not give me a number for Anchorage UPS. They did however assure me that Anchorage has my package and if I wanted I could pick it up there. I considered doing just that, 300 miles each way what the heck, I had her mark it will call and she gave me the address to go to. Yesterday the 31st I drove 12 hours round trip but guess what.... No package for me in Anchorage. In fact I was assured that my package was not even in Alaska at all and the person that sent me there was an idiot. I did not argue the idiot point but how could this happen? I was told that in KY, they scanned my package and said they put it in a barrel, the Barrel has it's own bar code and it was shipped to Anchorage where it was scanned as arriving. All the packages in the barrel were automatically marked as arriving but when they opened the barrel, my package was not there. They can't locate it anywhere in the system but the last time it was physically scanned was in KY so they think it may still be there. They advised me to contact the Seller and have the shipment cancelled and reordered, she assured me they couldn't possibly lose it a second time. With the 4 hour difference the business was closed already so I had to wait till today. I have cancelled and reordered, it is to be shipped to Haines AK where we will be from the 5th through the 12th. Everybody cross your fingers.

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