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Moose tracks at secondary fishing spot

Moose tracks at secondary fishing spot

Day 7:

Day 7 starts with the same spot we began day 6 at. We flossed again. This time with a lot less success. We tried to time the run with when the tide would bring in the fish, but that is 50 minutes later each day, and we didn't have fish in our area today. Because of reflection of the sun on the water, we couldn't see the fish at the depth in which they were coming from. We fished for a while at this spot and didn't catch more than 4 fish, for the 7 people fishing. Down river, the people fishing did well. We abandoned ship after a little while and moved to fishing Norther Pike.

Northern Pike are also native to Minnesota, and I have fished them on many occasion. These pike were in a very shallow water, way up river passed the camp. With a simple spinning lure, you could catch some sizable pike. We also noticed that there were a lot of loons in the area, but the loons had a different call than the ones from MN. I don't think they were the same kind of loon. Fishing Pike is easy. The previous day, a boat of fisherman from California went Pike fishing. On their boat they caught 89 Pike in an afternoon. We fished them for 1 hour and caught 7. They aren't a great looking fish. Minnesotans commonly call them little snakes because they have very long bodies, and don't have much meat on them. We don't normally eat them in Minnesota. The cook that night made some beer battered fried Pike, and it was insanely good.

The food at the lodge was great. We only had Salmon one day. Steak, sushi, poke, hen, halibut, reindeer sausage... all of it was exceptional. It must be challenging to fly in those things because their is no road, market, or access to the lodge unless you come in on boat or float plane.

The drinking water at the lodge comes from a natural spring. Each night a person from the lodge would take a boat to a spring just a little bit down river and get more water. They bring jugs, fill them, and we drink it all the next day.

After lunch we floss more for more sockeye, and have little success. We can see them swim by, but are unable to get the hook at the right depth. The water is still very warm and we are able to stand in the river and fish all afternoon.

I have found out that the sun staying up messes with your sleep schedule. I have resorted to taking sleeping pills because it is daylight out until 2 am. 3 hour time zone change and daylight until late can mess with your sleep. Since day 4, I have been taking sleeping pills to fall asleep at night.

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