Bastedo Road Trip 2019-2020 travel blog

Off we went on the 8th of June to pick up the new motorhome, cleverly name the Taj McBus by my sister. Lynn.

Inspected, threw stuff in the cabinets and the hired driver started the bus down the road. First thing Mike sees is that the bus is not going down the road straight. Ahhh crap, he seems to think that the chassis is not aligned properly. NOPE!!

The driver, when hooking up the return car to the bus, forgot to disengage the steering wheel. Can you say, drag a a car about 100 miles towards Reno ?? Guess this car will need new tires, and thankfully it is not ours! Called the dealership to report it, and I quote, "OH SNAP". Joe, the service manager says. We arrive in Reno fifteen minutes before the notary charges and additional 55 dollars to sign the bus over to us. Paperwork done, driver thanked, (DId I mention when I first met him that, I thought he was a country singer?? Off to the first of many RV Parks. Thi sone being in Verdi, NV.

We promptly name this tour, the Where is It Tour 2019-2020. With all the crap we dropped into cabinets and closets, it is certain it will take a months to find what we packed. That is it for now as this is a test run of how this journal will turn out.

Miss y'all already.

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