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2nd Moose sighting

Half of the catch of the day...

Day 6 starts with a challenge. We can no longer try to catch King Salmon. We start the day by checking in with the Fish and Game to see what is going up the river. Fish and Game have a sonar that tells the number of fish upstream and then they set up nets to see what type of fish are going upstream also. They tell us that they caught NO king salmon in their nets, but the Sockeye and Chum salmon are running at a rate of about 2400 per hour. That is a lot of fish going passed the sonar. We punt and decide to not even try for Kings and go specifically try to catch Sockeye.

The process for catching a Sockeye is some of the weirder fishing that I have done in my life. We are using fly rods instead of our normal casting rods. Since the river is so warm we can stand in the river at a depth of about shin deep. The process is real simple. A weight is attached to the line and then a hook is attached further down the line. A piece of yarn is attached to the hook so you can see where it is. Sockeye are bottom feeders and they move along close enough that you can see them at a depth of 3-4 feet. You float the line out in front of them and try to feed it in their mouth as they swim by. The process is called Flossing. We flossed all day. from 9 am to 4:30 pm. With minimal breaks. Between the 7 people fishing we caught 42 fish. Sockeye, Chums, and Dolly Vardens.

You can hook the fish in a lot of ways. Through the mouth or in the eye are the only ways that are legal for catching the fish. Hooking anywhere else, the fish needs to be released. They call it Foul Hooking.

We crushed the fishing from this day. Half of our Sockeye and Chum fish are pictured above, with the seven anglers who caught them.

As the day wound on, we noticed less salmon swimming passed us. We then moved up stream to a different area to find more fish. Though we found them in abundance we had less luck catching them in this secondary spot. You can see them swimming by, so the first person in line would tell the other people that they were coming. This area also had a lot of moose tracks.

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