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Club used to beat the Salmon on the head.

Erik's 37.5 inch Salmon

My 33 inch Salmon

The Fish and Game Department cancelled the rest of the season for King Salmon. Too few are running up the river because of the heat. Today is our last day to fish for them. This means that I can catch one Salmon today. We go right back to the place that ended so well for us on our previous day. Far down the river. Towards the bay. Colder water.

Erik catches his monster 37.5 inch King Salmon right away. 8:15 am. Next run I catch my 33 inch King. Fought like hell for 5 minutes. Dove under the boat and I almost broke the rod and reel. I have a bruise on my stomach from the pressure on the rod into my side. When you catch one, you instantly know that it is a big fish. The rod tip drops down like you have snagged the bottom.

We fished from 8 am to 4 pm with no real break. Packed sandwiches and fished the whole day. It is the last day to fish for King Salmon specifically and the next day we can't use bait. The bait is a mixture of brine and salmon eggs. Some weird smells too. A person at the camp makes it from the salmon eggs of the caught fish. It attracts the fish to destroy it, and then they are hooked.

38 inches is the biggest fish caught this day. We fished for 7 hours and only caught the two salmon that we caught right away in the morning. Still, I caught a King Salmon and I am pumped.

After the fish is caught the guide clubs it then rips out the gills. Here is the explanation why.

Ripping out the gills makes the fish bleed out so there is less blood in the muscle tissue when the fish gets filet. When we return to camp, Brent filets the two fish and then they are frozen.

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