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Lures used for King Salmon

Nushagak Map

The boat lineup in the morning.

Mark's 32 inch King Salmon

Dolly Varden (from Wikipedia)

Day 4: First full day of fishing.

Fishing from 8 am to 5 pm. Mark catches the first King Salmon. In a spot called the Meathole. It is maybe 100 yards from camp, downriver. It is 32 inches big. Big fish. You can only keep 2 salmon the entire trip, and you can keep one per day. Any other king salmon that he catches has to be released. We don't catch any more this day. The morning is rather unsuccessful. We fished a lot of spots down the river, near the Fish and Game camp, near other known places for Kings, but to no avail. We also see our first Moose.

The afternoon redeems the morning. We go on an epic catchfest at an area further down the river, right after the tide comes in. We catch Dolly Vardens which are a trout species and Jack salmon every run for about 2 hours. All in all 10 fish on the afternoon.

In this river there are Sockeye salmon, Graylings, Dolly Varden, Northern Pike, Chum Salmon and King Salmon. Pink Salmon and Silver Salmon come up river later.

We catch a lot of fish, it is hot out and I am pumping through 55 sunscreen because the sun seems like it is at high noon all the time.

Mosquitoes are real in Alaska. I am rocking out 98.5% deet at most times of the day.

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