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Early morning boat trip to view the ghats

Another ghat picture.

Sleeping prohibited

A few sleepers

Our train arriving on time

Theo was sick during the night. Threw up three times. Not a great start to the day. It appears that the first real illness of the trip is upon us.

We had gotten up early in order to see the sunrise on the ghats while floating down the Ganges River. Very romantic and one of those "must do" activities when you are in Varanasi. We checked Theo's overall health and it appeared stable, with no fever. He said he just wanted to sleep, so rather than force him to endure the unendurable we left him to sleep in our room while the three of us headed down to the ghats with our tour "guide". We were joined on the boat tour by the same Russian woman and her son who had thoughtfully kept the bugs away from our dinner table our first evening in Varanasi by smoking constantly and ensuring that we had plenty of carcinogens wafting our way. As you can imagine we were excited about getting reacquainted.

With only 5 passengers on our boat (think large rowboat) we headed up the Ganges River and watched the ghats as the light of the early morning sun lightened the sky. It actually was quite lovely. After the sun rose and we turned to float back down the river to our point of origin, our Russian companion asked our "captain", "do you mind if I smoke?". As is the usual response for pretty much any question in India, our captain replied, "it is possible". However, before a Bic was flicked, Marlys politely but firmly said "I would mind. The smoke bothers me!". I was never so proud!!! So, we left our Russian friend fuming as we drifted down the Ganges, rather than smoking!

Back at our room we checked in on Theo who was feeling somewhat better but tired. We then packed up, and I arranged to stay in the room until 12:30 pm to allow time for Theo to sleep longer, after which we headed out to the Varanasi Airport. One observation about Varanasi before we leave. There are flies everywhere, I don't know if it is the cows or the dung or the combination of the two, or something else, but when you walk down the narrow streets there are clouds of flies everywhere. Haven't noticed this anywhere else in India.

We flew to Jaipur where we immediately took a taxi to the train station as we had determined that 2nd class AC car passengers are entitled to an AC waiting lounge. As Theo was pretty much dead on his feet (having thrown up a couple more times) we decided to curtail any further activities for the day unless they were travel related.

The train station was an adventure in itself, as the scores of humanity traveling to and fro made an incredible tableau for people watching. As our train wasn't scheduled to leave until just before midnight there were hundreds, if not thousands, of people waiting for late night trains and many (i.e.. dozens and perhaps hundreds) were just sacked out on the train platform sleeping. This is, of course, contrary to the large sign that forbade sleeping on the platform.

Our train arrived on time and we were on board, in our berth, as the day came to a very tiring end.

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