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Reggia Caserta from Casertavecchia

Our wing on RyanAir

Flying over the Alps

The staff at the hotel advised us to visit Casertaveccia as it was the original town where the people were moved from to the surrounds of the palace as they were required as the construction work-force. It was a hill town, similar to many others we had visited. The air was clearer and cooler than the lower town and the streets were deserted. We could see the main town and the palace far below us but the air was very misty so it made photography pointless.

We drove from there to the airport through increasingly run-down and crowded suburbs, the standard of driving and the state of the roads deteriorating the closer we got to the airport. Sadly the local populace seem to dump their full garbage bags randomly around although we are told the inside of their houses are always immaculate, shame they don't treat the environment with the same care. The trash and the poor repair of the infrastructure made it all look very third world.

We stopped at one last Gellateria for ice cream for Grae and cake and coffee for me.

At the AVIS car return we were advised that the passenger side front alloy had sustained damage as there were scratches oo it. We hadn't noticed it before. The next day we received a bill from AVIS for 330 Euro (around AUD $500) and when we checked our AMEX statement this hah grown to AUD $775. How rude! We are now disputing this with AVIS.

At the airport our RyanAir flight was delayed and funnily everyone seemed to have payed for priority seatinng as our line was longer than the standard economy line. We flew over the Alps as the sun was setting and there were various thunderstorms in the clouds below us which made for a very interesting view from above.

We were a tad concerned that the hire car counter at East Midlands would be closed at it was after 10.30 but we were in luck. We picked up our Black Vauxhall Corsa and drove off into the damp night with Grae now seated in the right hand side of the car.

Sadly I could feel my tan starting to fade already.........

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