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some of the family

a few others

another candid shot

the deck was a popular place

Annie likes the bench

Clark & Robin love their Jeep

looks yellow in the sun

relaxing at the lighthouse

an Osprey family likes it too!

a good sailing day on the Hudson

Dottie made good on previous conversations with cousins that we should get together sometime. She called the nearby Kimbles, I went to New Jersey to get my Aunt, and we had a party at Dot’s house. It was a great time. The remaining siblings of the Kimble family could visit (Mom, Aunt Ina, Uncle Earl and wife Aunt Laura) and some cousins could catch up because we hadn’t seen each other for quite awhile. When we were kids, there were 20 grandchildren from the Kimble family.

Clark and his wife, Robin, came in their remodeled 1968 Jeep that Uncle Earl worked on with him. Natalie and her son, Joel, came also. Joel brought his girlfriend, Amanda, who is like a member of the family. So, Earl was missing one son, David, from his family. Dolores was here from Indiana, so Mom had all 3 of her daughters present. Aunt Ina lost two of her daughters and the third one is in South Carolina now. Dot’s son, David was also present. It was a very good afternoon for all of us.

The next day, Mom, Aunt Ina, and I wandered around town and I got a picture of them relaxing at the Saugerties Lighthouse.

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