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Somehow I managed to wake up after the long day yesterday and the very late night. It was after 2am before we got to sleep.

It was a beautiful sunny and dry morning in the upper 60s! It went up to 72 today. Caught the 11:30 Shuttlebus to the stampede grounds. We walked around for a while, saw vendors and lots of western wear for sale. We skipped the midway and areas with all the rides. Smelling all the food for sale was painful. Barbecued everything, along with all the usual county fair type food. Everything smelled sooooooo good! The rodeo was from one till 330 and it was lovely and sunny the whole time!

Afterwords we walked around some more and into some of the buildings. The grounds are huge, spread out and not in any straight kind of a plan or layout. At one point we got into a building that led to another building and we couldn’t find our way out. About 5 o’clock a storm came in and everybody headed to the buildings. Fortunately it was not a real cold rain but at this point we had to make our way to our bus at 5:50. The rain was not a problem because we had brought appropriate gear. The problem was we had no idea where we were and how to get back to where we had to meet the shuttle. Who gets lost at a fair!!

There was much more that we could’ve seen but we were satisfied. By the time we came back to Bailey, The rain had stopped and the sun came out for a little bit. It was 7 o’clock. But it takes a very long time for the ground to dry out here. Definitely not like home!

As we have driven several times through Calgary we have noticed that they have so many DQ locations as well as Tim Hortons restaurants all over.

I am amazed at the number of people that have come to visit here from great distances like Australia and New Zealand.

Have no idea what we are going to do tomorrow. We will still be here in Calgary but not going to the stampede. We will all be surprised! One thing for sure, I plan on getting a good nights sleep!

I hope my LA family and friends are able to get a good nights sleep. I know they are all a little squirlly right now listening to the news people talk about the prediction of another impending large earthquake. Though we are not there we definitely know that feeling. Every time a truck goes by you’re sure it’s an earthquake! It is totally unnerving!

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