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Well, we kind of got a later start than we had planned. Allan sort of had an altercation with the dump procedure. Fellow RVers will understand the rest of you don’t need to know the details. Suffice it to say, he was not a happy camper! 𯒩

Hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July. We now expect to be dealing with rain almost every single day this week. Interesting how in these parts one has to check the weather not just Daily but hourly! And it has been this way for several days. Weather changes rapidly! It’s was cloudy, foggy, and rainy all the way to Calgary. Yucky! But normal and typical for these areas.

Oh boy, just got text and emails about the earthquake!!!! Oy vey!!!

So we pulled into Calgary which is a very big city and meandered our way through the freeways, cloverleaves, roundabouts and interchanges.... somehow by sheer luck we got onto the right road and made it to the RV park. My brie cheese has never been this hard! At home it’s always so nice and soft!

After lunch we decided to take a ride into town and map out tomorrow’s attack on traffic and parking. Checked out the parade route and parking and checked out the location of the stampede and parking. Parade is in the morning just like the Rose Bowl Parade, except a lot colder and wetter. Tomorrow night we have tickets for the entertainment in the open stadium and the following day we see the stampede/rodeo. So, The parade route is in the middle of downtown, all one-way streets! It will be interesting! There is a costly but convenient, shuttle from the campground. Just can’t decide if we want to get stuck there in pouring rain without a car..... decisions decisions!

Another evening to cuddle up in the rig and watch a movie. It has been drizzling or raining all day & night.

There is no Wi-Fi here, or that we can get to, so we are left with cell service only.

Got to bed early tonight because we have to get up at 6 AM to head out to the parade. Now doesn’t that just sound like fun....𯘱 6 AM, cold, rainy......𤜵𯏻‍♀️罺𯐴

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