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The beautiful swimming pool on the ship

Canada Place


The Westerdam following us out

Lion's Gate Bridge

Going under the Lion's Gate bridge


Stanley Park Seawall

Siwash Rock

Our balcony

Our room


At the Sky Lounge

Rainy first day

Happy Birthday Maureen!

First formal night - now called Elegant Chic

Coming into Sitka - pouring rain!

St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Cathedral built in 1848

Sitka Pioneers' Home - extended care home for 75 residents built in...


Wharf Sitka

Totem Square

Russian Bishop's Home



Sitka nets

Sitka marina


A very big boat hiding in the islands


Coming into Hubbard Glacier

Coming into the Glacier

Not sure where this tour boat came from!


The sky cleared a bit so we could see everything better





That tour boat could get really close





A glacier coming down the mountain with waterfalls



Six miles across

Fjord off to the side






Maureen at the Glacier

Larry at the Glacier




Maureen eating dinner at Murano

Scallop en Croute

Lobster Bisque with Pernod Cream

Starting to cook the lobster tails



Lobster complete

Roast duck

New boardwalk in Juneau

Our ship

Typical stairs up from town


Red Dog Saloon

Sawdust on the floor - No Smoking here!





Sunset - Ketchikan

Sunny spots on the mountains

Cunard Queen Elizabeth

Watching the Toronto Raptors!

Two escargots!

Scallop St Jacques

Between Juneau and Ketchikan

Coming into Ketchikan - viewed from the heliport at the front of...

Five ships were already there

From the heliport

The Bliss left so we could dock

Norwegian Bliss

The Bliss following the Westerdam



Winch for the traps

Rack to put the pots on

Engineer Andy

King crabs in the tank

Pan full of spot prawns and hermit crabs


Pacific Octopus

Tanner crabs

Spot prawn that escaped out of the pan

Caught an anchor!

Pot full of box crabs

Box crabs




Tanner crab


Spot prawn



Bringing up the Memorial basket with the pretty red rubber King crabs

Memorial tags

Feeding eagles




Baby in the nest


Young adult


Feeding herring to the eagles


King crab



Pacific Octopus


A great Shore Excursion!

More lobster at Murano

Steak and lobster

Rack of lamb and lobster

Crepe for dessert

Towel monkey

Sunset leaving Ketchikan

Yet another dinner at Murano - slicing chateaubriand

The group for dinner


Full moon - last night

Relaxing on the deck

Goose in the salad bar out front of our place

Second picking of peas

Our speaker on the Totem Walk - Candace Campo - Indigenous Day

Statue at the Grotto


Totems at the beach


Yet another batch of ducklings

Our deck at Backeddy Resort in Egmont

Our room - celebrating our 42nd anniversary!

The cabin beside us

View from the deck

Singing his little heart out

Big boat from the deck

More from the deck

Barge and tug

New cabins



Malibu Princess - takes kids up to the Malibu Club at the...

Oyster catchers on the beach

Heading out on the Princess Louise Inlet tour

Gorgeous day

First waterfall


The mountain comes right down to the water and below.

Soda Pop Falls

Hunter pictograph

Orca and salmon pictograph

Interesting rock formations

Vancouver Bay

Mt Churchill

Malibu Club - and Malibu Rapids, the entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet

Malibu Club pool


Arriving at the end of Princess Louisa Inlet

Chatterbox Falls

Boat dock


Our tour boat - Sunshine Coast Tours

Gazebo with picnic tables



Merganser and babies

The falls start 2700 feet up

Mountain with faces

Spray from our boat!

In full sail - it was quite windy in spots

Popeye the sailor



Caught the 8:40 ferry over to Vancouver on June 9. We met Aaron, Tonye and Corrina for coffee at 10 am. Then on to Canada Place and our Alaska Cruise. Larry had purchased parking for the week at Canada Place and we easily found a space, put the scooter together and gathered the luggage and off we went. So easy! Check-in was very easy and was completed by 1:00. After sailaway we met the members of our little group in the Martini Bar - Kevin and Kim from Pender Harbour (who we had not met before) and Robin and Penny (Robin is Larry's cousin's widow and Penny is Robin's brother's widow - got that?!) Our room was spacious and very nice. Our Stateroom Attendant was Manuel. Right away he brought a little tray of goodies - because we were in Concierge Class this time we got a tray of goodies each afternoon. We had dinner in the dining room this first night. Our friend Megan had also sent a cheese plate and a fruit plate. There was so much fruit we decided to order room service breakfast the next day with which to eat the fruit. This is our fourth cruise to Alaska!

June 10 was a sea day and our first Formal Night - now called Elegant Chic. They're not as strict about this as they used to be! In the afternoon, in addition to our daily goodies, Megan had also sent a lovely birthday cake and a bottle of Prosecco in honour of Maureen's birthday. We were able to watch Game 5 of the Toronto Raptors game at the Sports Bar. There were a lot of Canadians there. We went to Qsine for dinner - amazing show during dinner and the food was excellent - steak and lobster.

June 11 we arrived in Sitka. We'd never been to this port before and there was lots of history. We caught a shuttle (they put the scooter underneath) to town which was 5 miles away and then we wandered around the little town. Pouring rain the whole time! SItka is located on Baranof Island and is the fourth-largest city by population in Alaska. Sitka was originally settled by the native Tlingit people. Old Sitka was founded in 1799 by Alexandr Baranov, the governor of Russian America. Tonight we had sushi for dinner and watched the Juggling show.

June 12 we glided into Hubbard Glacier. The clouds had lifted somewhat so we were able to see the 6 mile glacier. An amazing site! We had dinner at Murano. We had bought a 3-dinner package to the Specialty Restaurants.

June 13 we were in Juneau. Juneau is the capital of Alaska, founded during a gold rush in 1880. We wandered around a bit and had lunch at the Red Dog Saloon. It's always great fun! Juneau has a new board walk right at the ship. Very easy to get around now. The Westerdam, Norwegian Jewel and the Cunard Queen Elizabeth were also in port. Tonight we watched Game 6 of the Toronto Raptors series. Very exciting game and lots of fun in the Sports Bar.

June 14 we were in Ketchikan. Another perk of the Concierge Class was a galley tour and watching the arrival in Ketchikan from the heliport right at the front of the ship. We had our only Shore Excursion here. We went on the Bering Sea Crab Fishermen's Tour. We were on the Aleutian Ballad. On season two of Deadliest Catch, viewers watched in amazement as a crab boat was hit by a massive 90 foot rogue wave, rolling it onto its side during a treacherous storm. That boat was the Fishing Vessel Aleutian Ballad. The boat has a colourful history as a commercial crab fishing boat. The boat has been fitted with stadium-style seating, bathrooms and a gift shop. There is a “live tank” where you can enjoy an up close view of the days catch. The pulled up various pots with different kinds of sea life - king crabs, box crabs, tanner crabs, spot prawns and a beautiful Pacific Octopus. We also stopped at a spot where the captain threw out pieces of herring out to feed eagles - dozens of them. What an experience! Larry was able to ride his scooter right on board. Dinner was in Murano again - so good.

June 15 was a sea day and we just relaxed. We had dinner with the group in Murano.

Arrived back on June 16, had breakfast at Denny's with Aaron and Tonye, stopped at Costco then on home. A very smooth, enjoyable trip.

On the 19th we were back over in Vancouver for a fitting on an amendment to Larry's brace.

June 24 was our 42nd Wedding Anniversary. We drove up to Egmont and stayed at Backeddy Resort for two nights in a lovely little cottage. We were really roughing it - no A/C and no TV! A gorgeous view off the deck (just like home). There was a lot more action in this waterway because it leads to the Skookumchuck Narrows. We bought two huge cinnamon buns at a bakery on the way up for breakfast on the 25th and had brought our own cereal for the 26th. We had dinner both nights at the Backeddy Pub. The other choice would have been the fancy restaurant at Westcoast Wilderness Lodge next door but it seemed really expensive. On the 25th we took a five hour tour up to Princess Louisa Inlet. What a gorgeous spot. Chatterbox Falls starts as James Bruce Falls 2755 feet up the mountain. Our guide told us lots about the history of the area as well as Jervis Inlet. Lunch was provided by the Resort.

On to our next adventures! It's so nice to be travelling again.

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