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Playa de las Estrellas - Starfish Beach

Lobster Cages - Food Vendors served really fresh lobster!

Here you can see how narrow the beach is but also how...


These starfish were very large in size from 10 - 15 inches...



Today was sunny! Our chance to go to Starfish Beach - Playa de las Estrellas. We rode a boat after breakfast north. We were dropped off from 10:30 - 2:30. There we saw lobster cages, a long sandy beach lined with the jungle within 20-30 feet of the water, food and trinket vendors, all very primitive. As we snorkeled we discovered large colorful starfish and clear fish. This was a relaxing day with plentiful sunshine. We met other US citizens from North and South Carolina whose spouses were doing research on the island and they were tending the children at the beach. Most people we see -there is a language barrier. This is definitely a learning experience about communication abroad. The people are mostly speaking Spanish but there are other European languages we hear during our travels. A vendor on the beach showed us the sloths in the trees. He was very animated and friendly. He sold us some bracelets. He told us we might see dolphins later. We returned to continue our snorkeling around the bungalows. We saw marine life galore. We challenged one another to a game of cards until dinner at the dining deck while enjoying our welcome drink, a fruity pineapple daiquiri. Dinner was garlic shrimp and chicken kabobs. Dessert tonight was a Caribbean dessert, Bananas Flambe! Sunset was so colorful. On return to our bungalow, we took a night swim. Mr. Crabs surprised me when I went to climb the ladder to our bungalow deck. He greeted me there. Whoa! I skipped that step. ;) As we sat on the deck that night we watched small fish jumping in waves right in front of us. The fish were quite active, large and small. The night ended with very distant lightning. The storm approached us and it rained and thundered all night. We awoke to more lightning shows several times that night. We found it to be very beautiful and soothing. It was gentle rain but could be steady at times.

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