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1908 at age 33, Lucy's book was first published

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As I began my stroll today down lover’s lane, I imagined to myself what it must have felt like as Anne Shirley strolled down the lane. The picturesque scene before my eyes was so tranquil. I strolled along listening to the sweet songs of the birds flying around & over head. I heard a scattering nearby my feet, there searching for food was a small red squirrel. I stopped to listen to the laughter of the babbling brook. It’s a place where one can certainly lose themselves to the outside world’s daily trouble & turmoil. Everyone needs a place like that to go to now & then. If only to spend some alone time with our creator. Stop…listen… open your eyes. What sounds are heard that we normally don’t pay any attention too? What sights do our eyes see? What smells does our nose breath in? I can understand how Anne Shirley was able to imagine all the wonderful thoughts she did. Even though Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “Anne Shirley” was only a figment of her imagination, she made you fall in love with this adorable freckled red haired orphan girl, I sure did.

I then ventured into the Haunted Wood (alone at that, as I left Paul back at the bus so he could be apart of a conference call.) Through Anne Shirley’s imagination it was haunted, I found it to also be very tranquil like the lover’s lane. Along my way I received a call from our church’s “one call now” (it’s a prayer line we have to notify us of any urgent prayer request.) I had gotten word before I left this morning of the severe flooding back home in West Lafayette & that some of our family members had to evacuate their home. The prayer request was for a dear friend who lost everything as he was living in a family member’s basement which was totally flooded. Another call came in for someone struggling over the loss of 3 children that were loss in a fire he had been apart of fighting. I spotted a bench nearby. There I stopped to pray, It seemed the perfect place to reach out & talk to God. Under “HIS” canopy.

I was able to walk through the house that belonged to Lucy’s grandfather’s cousins. Lucy used this house to give the description of Matthew & Marilla’s home on Green Gables. It was so quaint. I had a lovely day today strolling through the imagination of Anne Shirley.

I leave you today with a request. Take time to live the life that God has blessed each of us with. It is precious & short.

Love & God Bless,

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