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Hand cart - down hill!

Drying corn

Watering field - twice a day


A bit of a load



Picture taking


Handcart - downhill another way

Working the field

More watering

Cigarette package

Wine tasting at the local vineyard

Kitchen ceiling


Spider on the web

Waiting for clean water

Lunch in local family compound

Our chefs

Up early again and another misty and a little rain. Eat breakfast then head out for the day. Stop at a waterfall just outside of the town, then travel on for some time heading south.

We pick up a couple tour guides in Fianarantsoa and take a look at the old city from a distance. See a couple of chameleons as well. We passed a number of military and high status cars as the president, “my man,” was coming to town for a rally in the afternoon.

Back into the van and down a very narrow road and are finally left out with our new guide, Very beautiful valley spread out below us. Then we walked down a very steep road – path actually. Came across any number of children on the trail as we were given information on the various crops we passed – cassava, potatoes, etc. Mostly beautiful views of the rice paddies.

Finally, down into the valley and meet up with Bruno again and head out across the rice paddies. We were followed by a little girl with a board as a portable bridge. Very narrow path and Paul fell in the paddy.

Then into an extended family compound and sat on some poofs on the second floor with the floor covered in a mat. We chatted for a while then were served a lunch of rice, tomatoes, and vegetables with rice tea. After the day we all ate quite a bit! Then some explanation about the food and set up of the compound, and cattle rustlers, we were offered some woven things – several of which we bought. Then a trip up some steep, narrow, and dark stairs to the second floor kitchen. Thatch roof and charcoal stove – ceiling black with soot – drunk lady asleep in the corner. Very interesting stuff.

Then after a brief stop outside to play with the kids we walk back to the van and drive on a very narrow path/road into the city for a tour of the “old” city – the European part. World heritage sight and some very nice buildings. At a church we were accosted by post card sellers who followed us down the steps to the van. We headed off to see a post card place but with the president there it was too crowded, so we went to a money changer for Kitty and got some cash, then off to our hotel – a very nice place.

After a rest we went down for dinner prepared by students as a training facility. Dinner was OK but way overpriced. We met the cooks after and thanked them. Then back to the room to straighten things out and got to bed – quite exhausted!

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