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US, at Victoria Falls yesterday

The falls

We just arrived from our Zambezi rafting experience. It was awesome!!! SOlid Class 5 river, with something like 23 rapids. It took the whole day to cover about 30K of the river, some of it just floating on tranquil waters, some shooting hairy rapids. It started out exciting, both M and I got dunked off the second rapid (Morning Glory). I was held down for an eternity (at least it felt), much more than what I have ever experienced surfing. When I finally popped up to the surface, it was a relief to see the raft nearby...

The next few rapids were spent just hangin' on, sometimes to the paddle, sometimes to the boat itself. There were 7 of us the raft, 4 clients and 3 guides. With varying success, we went through to 18 without flipping the whole craft, but the Mother of all rapids, hit us hard (or was the guide who flipped us???) We elegantly flipped over to the right, M and I both under the raft. It is actually not a bad place to be, as after a bit of feeling your way around, you can grab the side rope and crawl out from under. Then the raft is flipped upright, and everyone climbs in. Well, it may took us a bit of time...

We also floated through a few more rapids, either on purpose, or not, but it was all fun. It was hot, but gorgeous in the gorge. Surrounded by 300 meter walls on either side, rocks everywhere, the water a balmy 80 degrees. The only dark factors were the crocs, apparently some gets washed over the falls, survives and for a while happily exists in the lower section (before high water washes them out). We saw only one big(ger) one, and a tiny, but you never know.

The last section I did in a kayak (no more rapids, but I still kayaked the Zambezi...). NOw we are back in Vic Falls town, getting ready for our video review and dinner thereafter. Tomorrow we are off again, our truck leaves at 9am, heading to Botswana. We hope to report again from the road!

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