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Dublin port


12 Jun – Wednesday

Today is bloody cold and wet, there will be bugger all walking if this keeps up! We check out after breakfast and store our bags. Our sailing is not until 8.50pm, so we will see how the weather goes. As it was, it was rubbish. This would be the coldest and wettest so far. We stayed in the hostel, warm and dry, for most of the day, venturing out only to organise supplies for the trip tonight. Cynthea went to the nearest supermarket for lunch supplies, and made enough to take on the boat with us. Tony booked a taxi to the ferry as we didn’t fancy walking 400m to the bus stop in the rain, then having to change buses.

The MyTaxi app was similar to Uber, except that you couldn’t get an estimate before booking. But like Uber it gave an alert when the driver was on the way, and the car was tracked as it made its’ way here. When he was close we went outside, and shortly after the driver called to ask where we would be for the pick up. That is something else the app could do better, it only really allowed an address to be input, and although we tried to include more information, it would not do that for us.

We had allowed plenty of time again, and just as well, as the taxi got caught up in concert traffic. “Someone” was playing at 3Arena down by the port, so it was a slow trip. Cynthea wonders who is playing, and thinks we should have checked and got tickets. But that would have been pretty hopeless, it was Elton John, so the tickets would have been long gone. Our taxi was €22. We are still there in plenty of time, and check-in goes smoothly. We are directed to security check, that basically involved putting our two checked bags on the conveyor belt, showing our boarding passes to the staff at the gate, and heading upstairs to the waiting room. No checks of hand luggage at all, and immigration control is non-existent, we didn’t even have our passport numbers registered when we booked our tickets. There are not many waiting upstairs, and we are thinking there will be a last minute rush, but only a couple more people arrive. Soon after 8pm they allow us to board, this sailing does not have that many passengers tonight, and we didn’t see more than about 40 vehicles waiting to board.

Last time the ferry was at a different gate, and we had to board a bus that took us aboard via the vehicle deck, but tonight we climbed a few stairs and boarded directly. The ferry is pretty much empty, and there are still not many vehicles lined up, no more than fifty. Tony goes off exploring, we are on the Ulysses, but we cannot remember if it is the same as our last trip. It seems fairly familiar, but then again it could be a different ship with a similar layout.

Up the sharp end is a flash bar, and at the stern is a café, duty free shop, cinema, kids playground and a few pokies. Cynthea tried to find the casino, but couldn’t. Tony is up on the top deck for the departure, but it is pretty chilly, so he doesn’t stay out long. We briefly considered trying to sleep, given that there was nothing to see at sea, in the dark. It was a very smooth crossing, and the three hours flew by. Tony decided we needed hot food to keep us going, it was a bit of a wait until the train left just before 5am. Cynthea ordered a pizza, we didn’t think we were that hungry, but are so pleased we got something.

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