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Along Marine Drive towards Cape Breton Island

Alexander Graham Bell's summer home, still in the family

Friday, June 14

We left around 8:15 and headed out in the fog and light rain, towards Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail.  Visibility was surprisingly good. We had fog and/or rain most of the day, but it didn't slow us down. When it started to clear, it became windy, and the RV doesn't do well in the wind, so we welcomed the rainy weather for a change.  The ride through the many coves and small communities was pretty. There were very few services such as gas, groceries, or restaurants, but there was a big playground in the middle of nowhere… finally there was what looked like a small store in a fishing community called Marie Joseph.  And then in Sherbrooke, there was a gas station, drugstore, restaurant on our route, as well as a downtown area that likely had more. At the visitor center in Cape Breton, there was a Premier Coach bus from Milton, Vt. I remember running into one out west a few years ago too! We drove to Baddeck and visited the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.  We found it so interesting and had no clue about other inventions, things he did, and visions he had. Aside from the telephone, he was a teacher of the deaf, invented a treadle powered music machine, man carrying kites, hydrofoil boat. Other things he invented or had ideas for was distilling salt out of water, cematory for sanitary disposal of sewage, idea of turning power from the sun's heat, hydropower for electricity, sonar, wireless phones, air conditioning.  He also taught a dog to speak. He would have been amazed to see the smartphone, but probably if he lived long enough, he would have invented it before the others... We headed to the Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground for the night. Tomorrow we drive the world famous Cabot Trail.

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