Sandra's Canada, Alaska and North America Trip - 2019 travel blog

After yesterday and last night’s excitement, today was a little more sedate and calm (aka lots of snoozing on the bus).

In order to avoid lengthy delays at the US border crossing, we were dressed, breakfasted and on our way just before 8 am... and by 8.30 had been cleared to enter America and were travelling down the highway. The land was green and flat... and the sun was shining down.

Our first short half hour toilet/ coffee stop was at Rochester at 9.30. (Boy, it takes a long time to get us all off and on the bus!)

Back on the road before 10, we meandered through some very quaint little towns and green land with undulating hills.

Just before 12, we crossed over into Pennsylvania - the home state of my Walton and Schoch ancestors. Very exciting although, from my research, I don’t believe they were ever this far north - they settled mostly around a Philadelphia. Exciting all the same! The geography was now more mountainous but still extremely green.

Our lunch stop (from 1-2pm) was at a huge supermarket in Williamsport. It had a large self serve food area with pizza, 4 thousand varieties of chicken wings, sandwiches, pasta and Asian food.

Back on the bus, we started out on the last two and a half hour leg of the day.... to Leola Village.... an unusual ‘hotel’. (Arrived at about 4.45) There is a main building with lots of big rooms (ours has a sitting room, a separate little room with the hand basin, a bathroom with the toilet and bath/shower and then a bedroom with two heavy antique beds. Not sure if I like it or not. There are no shops or town around so it is time to relax. Aaahhh.

I trudged downstairs to what was written as being the ‘guest laundry’ to find a very nice employee using the only washing machine and dryer to wash a load of the hotel’s towels. The lady wasn’t sure how long a load would take nor when she put it on. Hmmmm... might have another look in 15 mins or so.

As we largely spent the day on the bus, I don’t have any exciting photos to share.

I will say goodbye for today. xxx

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