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Brochure for Kingsbrae Gardens, St. Andrews

Kingsbrae Garden

Ganong Chocolate Museum in St. Stephens, NB

Monday June 10.

We started out about 7 am.  Another sunny day. We finished driving through Maine up to Calais and entered Canada in St. Stephan, New Brunswick.  There was another camper ahead of us and no one else entering (around 9 am). Actually it was 10 am as they are an hour ahead of us.  We toured the Ganong Chocolate Museum in St. Stephan. It was a nice tour, and they gave us several chocolate samples, including maple, cherry cordial and eggnog chocolates.  Delicious! The first heart shaped chocolate box was invented here. The tour was interesting. After that we headed to St. Andrews. On the way, we stopped at a rest area. How many black flies can get in your camper when you open the door to get out?  Too many to count! In St Andrews we toured the Kingsbrae Garden, a 27 acre site that includes over 2500 trees, shrubs and plants. Beautiful! There were some very large beautiful homes in the area. Views of the Bay of Fundy were spectacular. Mostly today, the roads were very good with a few bumpy ones.  Highway 1 is a beautiful highway, and had very little traffic except near cities and that wasn't bad. Most of the time, we might see 0 to 4 cars at a time on long, scenic stretches of road. The temperature ranged from about 73 to 80 in the afternoon. The sky was very blue with some wispy clouds. We took the Fundy Coastal Highway as recommended by the visitor center staff.  We were expecting it to follow the coast and be very scenic. Rarely could we see any of the Bay of Fundy and at times, the road was miles from the coast. It was disappointing, but still a nice ride, except bumpy at times. It did bring us to St. Martins on the coast and the view there was awesome. The road went Northeast from there. The road went up and down some very steep hills.  We saw a deer in the road on our way back up north. We are camping at Camper's City in Moncton. It has a lot of sites including quite a few seasonals. There were lots of open sites. Nice showers, but they charge $2 for 8 minutes… ridiculous to charge for showers but have free wifi... lots of black flies here too. Luckily they didn't bother us when we were walking, but we had to have the air conditioner on, as it got too hot inside since we couldn't leave the door open.  Burgers for dinner!

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