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Yesterday was a full travel day. After a little scare that I wouldn't get to the airport without a hassle, we left the boat with Britta and she escorted us while we checked in and took us to the security checkpoint before she went to her own gate! How special!

OK - I had paid for transport between the airport in Amsterdam and the boat and between the boat in Budapest to the airport. When I found out that I was leaving a couple of days early to go with Pat & Rita, I asked Kathe, the travel agent, to remove the charge for the first transport. I saw that she did that and saw the 2nd transport still there back in the Fall, so I didn't think anything more of it. But then, last night, my name wasn't on the transport list with Pat & Rita so I freaked! Britta helped me get hold of Kathe, and she added the transport back in (meaning I owed more money!) so I could ride with them. phew!

We got back to JFK and got our rental car after dark. Pat drove home and we got there just before midnight. After a good night's sleep, I drove from New Paltz to Saugerties to spend a few days with immediate family. I didn't take pictures of home!

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