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Day 21 - Tuesday 4 June 19 - Treviso

A&J are only planning to be in Treviso for two days so it was agreed they would decide the days itinerary.

The first objective was to walk the western wall to the Tuesday market . We were immediately acquainted with the many waterways that divide the old town and individual properties with water moving quite quickly. We could see why there is reference to the town having similarities with Venice. The stalls were primarily fashion, flower and cheeses. A morning tea break was taken at a town entry at the Porta San Tomaso.

We followed in part the town walking path next crossing to the fish market. This is a very distinctive area of the town; a rectangular island surrounded by water. The area was quite large but there were only a few open for business.

We continued to wander the town centre stopping at the highly recommended Dasie Gelato bar; good but not as good as Bassano DG. We continued walking along the main shopping street south to the Piazza del Signori with it’s impressive Perfecturre dominating the piazza. What appeared as an old undercover market offered a lovely cool cafe setting for a drink; we partook wine and a Spritz later however they were a disaster.

We had been heading to the Da Vinci exhibition at the Piazza Borsa and arrived just after 1200hrs to note that it would close for siesta until 1500hrs. This offered the opportunity to have a stand up snack at a hole in the wall eatery A&J had found yesterday. The atmosphere was very pleasant as customers strolled in and selected their specialty of a fried anchovy and cheese sandwich wrapped in paper. The cafe had a presentation display of old mobile phones; now historic.

John led the long walk along the main Riviera Santa Margherita to the Piazza Garibaldi and back to the city centre. We diverted for drinks at the Piazza Del Signori which were shockers before meeting up at the Da Vinci exhibition at 1500hrs.

We toured the exhibition for about 90 mins before seeking, with difficulty, the entrance to the museum within the old prison. The prison has been extensively renovated and was worth the visit. The art collection, on show at this time, offered no interest to us.

The girls were planning an antipasto platter for dinner which then required a trip to one of the very few supermarkets in the old town, Conrad’s. Stocked with bread, meat, cheese and tomatoes and a selection of wines ( spirits in Italy are very cheap - large Cointreau 14.49€) we returned to our room’s courtyard for dinner and another game of “Five Crowns” - John taking the honours for the second night straight. The slamming of a blind in a neighbouring building was a timely signal to head to bed.

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