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Day 20 - Monday 3 June 19 - Treviso

Our trip to date through Italy has been based on a mother’s love/admiration for her daughter’s enthusiasm and good judgement; she visited in Jul last year and mother has wanted to replicate her experiences.

Today we return to our itinerary by visiting Treviso 50km SE of Bassano DG. Our planned first point of call was Villa Maser ( Villa Barbaro) 22km E, however, a poor memory and the failure to check opening times left us looking at the Villa from the front gate. While the building is large and has an appearance of past grandeur it’s upkeep appears to be minimal. We are hoping the interior has more to offer which I doubt we will get to see it.

Our next stop was the Castelfranco Veneto 19 km SSW. It was an easy drive and we parked in the Piazza Giorgione, named after the town’s most famous painter which is directly in front of the entrance. Kaye remained in a nearby cafe while I walked the medieval fortification of red brick towers and walls built in 1211 during hostilities with Padua. Possibly the most significant building within the walls is the Duomo. It was originally constructed in the 12th century but re- built in the early 18th century. The interior lacks the glitz of most cathedrals but contains a number of significant works of arts including paintings by Giorgione.

I spent sometime walking the exterior of the walls which are formed as a square with interest in the mechanisms for controlling the water flow around the moat. While the visit was interesting I could have better planned for a visit of the fortifications of Cittadella or Montagnana.

We had a snack and drink in the cafe Kaye had been waiting at before attempting to find the Villa Bolasco. Road works and changes to one way streets had us making circles which were broken out of frustration resulting in our decision to drive direct to our apartment in Treviso.

The roads GeePS chose for the final 28 km’s East was definitely of the goat track type and after a number of loops we final made it to our apartment. The first impressions of the city are not good however we are here for four nights and hopefully we will get to see the city in a better light. A&J had checked in and returned from a walk of the city as I was parking the car.

The afternoon was spent completing our first laundry wash and resting. Drinks in the courtyard and a game of Five Crowns preceded dinner at 1900hrs. On the recommendations of our host we ate at a restaurant around the corner which we initially showed scepticism of however we all ordered different Primo courses which were excellent and dispelled any previous reservations. Two bottles of red and the previous G&T’s made for a merry night with lights out very soon after.

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