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The end of Chilkoot Inlet

Gift shop at Haines Packing (fish) Co

Alaska road construction - SE Roadbuilders was owned by Roger Schnabel

Last gas headed north and great burgers


On the Chilkoot River

Fish counting weir

Glacier in Mud Bay


Location from Gold Rush TV show


No bear!

Up the Haines Hwy

Near the summit of the highway

Remnants of winter

Back to Alaska

We finished up our Juneau stay by hitting some stores for a few things we wanted, had a couple campfires and were at the ferry terminal late on Tuesday (stayed there overnight) for an early AM departure on Wednesday. The trip to Haines was smooth and scenic. We saw whale blows and scores of sea lions on the shore.

We spent two days and three nights in Haines. We stayed at the Oceanside RV Park near downtown. It turns out that Roger Schnabel, father of Parker from the Gold Rush TV program, owns the park. He, father John and Parker all live/lived in Haines. We toured the area’s roads. We have never seen as much bear poop in one area but alas, one moose, no bears. We met a great couple (spent about 2 hours with them) who are camp hosting at a state park. And we found the site of the gold mine featured in the Gold Rush filming on Porcupine Creek. If you want to see eagles – Haines is the place. We saw MANY!

We took two days to make the 440 mile drive from Haines, through the Yukon, to Tok. No problems getting through with the bear rifle. For those who haven’t done it – the drive to/from Haines to Haines Jct is beautiful. We dry camped at Yukon Lake Creek Campground. The road was fairly good until we hit the Yukon/AK border. Not good after that. Canada has done a pretty good job with upgrading the notoriously bad stretch through Destruction Bay. We arrived in Tok mid-afternoon on Saturday (5/26). We fueled up, dumped, gave the Jeep and tlr a quick wash and went to our friends’ (Dave and Sue) house.

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