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May 28, 2019

Forgot to mention that after the library on Sunday Bob took me to my second bar, Sisters Saloon. I am hooked on Boneyard RPM IPA.

Sun is coming out. I spoke with a woman from PA who went to Crater Lake on Sunday. She said they waited in line for 1.5 hours just to get into the park and then had to leave as there was no parking. They went back Monday and there was no one there. We may be in luck.

We had a false start out of camp going towards Roseburg instead of Medford. We had not realized we passed HWY 230 on our way into camp. Fortunately, it was only a ten-mile mistake. Lovely scenic drive through the forest in the sun. Lots of snow along the roadside. Apparently, winter snow has lingered in the mountains. They are still snowplowing the west rim road and north entrance which they hope to have open by mid-June. The east rim won’t open until mid-July. No camp grounds or hiking trails will open until mid-June. The park itself really didn’t open until a few days ago. Our last visit was mid-September 2012 when we had none of these issues. Frankly, we never thought to consider the park might not be open. We do remember to always check Lassen.

We watched a very good Peter Coyote-narrated movie on the park at the first Visitor Center. 12,000-foot Mt. Mazama, created over hundreds of thousands of years, was built by repeated volcanic eruptions. The most violent occurred 7,700 years ago when the mountain collapsed in about 3 hours leaving a deep caldera where the mountain peak once stood. Centuries of rain and snow filled the basin to form the deepest lake (1,943 feet) in the United States. No rivers run into the lake which keeps the water pure. Researchers are using Crater Lake’s purity to guage the impact of human-induced change eg. impacts of air pollution, climate change, invasive species. Mt. Mazama is not an extinct volcano. As we drove to Rim Village it became very overcast. There was only a small stretch in the village where you could get a look at the lake. No wonder there was such a crowd over the weekend. It was in the low 50’s by the time we had lunch near the snow piles.

We took a chance getting into Emigrant State Park not too far from Ashland. Was a beautiful drive down the mountain and through Medford. We managed to get a spot in this small camp. Is about 75 degrees which is a big change for us over the past week and half. We are looking out over the lake where there are a few folks fishing and kayaking.

For dinner we are having a pasta dish with the smoked Italian sausage we got at the Sisters Smokehouse.

Tomorrow we will probably head for Redding as we have not been there since 2012 either. We are a bit ahead of our scheduled return on 6/2. Weather will determine what we do.

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