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Sunset last night

Elmer Long began collecting colorful bottles as a boy and later mounted...

Weather driving to Santa Monica, CA

City of Los Angela, CA

We made it Santa Monica pier the end

Downtown Santa Monica

Oh the sites you see in California

Windy and nasty blowing dirt

Not very pretty out here along I-10

Up early again had breakfast at the hotel, picked up Rte 66 for about 40 miles then had to get on I-15 since almost all of Rte 66 is under the Interstate, we then picked up I-10 heading into Santa Monica. We drove around looking for somewhere to park that wasn't going to cost a fortune and we didn't want to pay for all day, we ended up at a McDonalds that was real close to the Santa Monica Pier we went in and ordered tea, then sat for a bit to drink some, went up to ask for refills and she said "sorry we don't give refills" ok then we said this just gets better and better we thought, we asked for more ice and she did give us that, we walked to the pier and it started to drizzle rain, and neither one us wanted to walk in the rain (and we were kind of worried about the car) so I took the picture and we got out, back on I-10 heading East, we stopped up the road for fuel went in to use the restroom and there was a machine on the door, YEP you had to insert a quarter to use it so Buddy went in came out held the door for me and I looked in and said NO WAY am I using that it was dark, nasty and stunk, we stopped at a rest area up the road and it did have separate bathrooms but it was dirty also but I used it, needless to say Buddy nor I care for this part of California, it is dirty and dusty, they do not have any signs on Interstate telling you if there is food and the majority of the people are rude, the only good thing is our hotels were clean and the people at them were friendly. We traveled 377 miles today paid $4.38 for fuel and got 26.4mpg. Weather when we left was a windy cold 53 and ended up around 81.

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