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May 26, 2019

I woke up at 6:30 and found rain was freezing on the windshield. It was barely freezing, 31 degrees. We learned that Bend gets 15 inches of water each year but the majority is in the form of snow.

We were in no hurry so I made Bob French toast for breakfast. He is getting spoiled as I rarely make him breakfast at home! We are trying to find a spot to stay near Ashland. The private camps are horrible but we are hoping to get into a municipal park, Emigrants Lake. The best we will be able to do is call on Tuesday morning before we leave Crater Lake.

Drove into Bend and walked most of the town. Town was crowded with people shopping. Lots of “outdoorsy” type shops with interesting wares and clothing. (Forgot to mention that as we left town yesterday, we saw a huge Blockbuster. It must be the last remaining store in the country!). I saw the tent tops of what looked like a Farmer’s Market. It was a market but nothing but local crafts (not very interesting) for sale. However, I looked up and saw the Deschutes Library and it was open!!!

We drove south on Hwy97 for a short 6 miles to the High Desert Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate. The museum sits on 135 acres (signs everywhere noting high fire risk and no smoking) and consists of both indoor and outdoor exhibits that focus on local culture, natural resources and wildlife. The mixture of educational exhibits and art is a nice touch. Wonderful museum for children of all ages. We particularly liked the interpretive talks and the outdoor wildlife. The raptors in particular are rescues e.g. the golden eagle had been hit by a car, broke a wing and could not fly. As we were leaving the museum the sun began to peak out.

It is a pleasure to be in the warm library with decent internet and phone service. These trips are a good reminder of how dependent we are on technology and how frustrated you can become when you need it. (That is not to say the time away from technology isn’t wonderful too!) With my blog done we will have more time for cribbage. Bob is catching up and I am ahead by two only.

Dinner is dependent on weather. We were bold and bought flank which we would prefer to BBQ. Otherwise, spicy chicken thighs rice and crunchy veggies.

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