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My first accident (3rd day here)

Back home people would be sueing each other,

here they just get their stuff and wait for a ride.

Finally get to Dumre and on the roof of the next bus.




The town square.

Hiking along the ridge line above Bandipur.


Entering a small mountain village






Nepali Moonshine

The town of Bandipur.


No it's not a Magnet school.

This is my favorite room of my time in Nepal.

For those of us that have dairy issues. . .

So we arrived into this tiny little hamlet up in the mountains after a rather long and interesting bus trip from KTM. Figured it would be nice side trip on the way to Pohkara, a way to break up a 8hr bus ride(for further notice if going to Pohkara fly, spend the 40-60 usd and fly baby, FLY!). First of all the "tourist bus" was oversold and had horrible seats, mine didn't recline and I was feeling board line claustraphobic. Richard was asleep almost imediately (his seat reclined of course) and probably within minuets i was like, "Dam I am flying back" . Actually as soon as Richard woke up he was like,"Flying back?" Yup.

So there we were driving through the mountains where there seems to be only one lane, the middle, people passing and honking their horns so the vehicle around the hair pin turn hears them hopefully, with goverment checkpoints and random bus accidents on the side of the road and then we come to one of many traffic jams where people are trying to pass a broken down bus. . The first thing I had heard was "Oh shit!" from the girl behind me and and then BAM we end up rearending the bus in front of us. Our front window is completely shattered but surprisingly everybody is pretty casual about the whole thing. A crowd gathers around the two drivers but besides that everybody just gathers their things and hangs out on the side of the road. I got the impression that this happens so frequently here that no one really cares. Atleast no one is screaming , "I'm going to sue!".

We are lucky though no one is really hurt and we were able to find someone from the agency that we booked our trip thru on the same bus (sheer blind luck), he took charge of the situation and got his group and us on to another bus. He was also able to get the bus driver to actaully stop and let us off at our stop, Dumbra. It seems they don't always stop to let you off if they don't want too . . .Plus the little towns rarely seem to have signs. As we got off the bus the guide found the man Agni who had been waiting for us for a few hours to take us up to Bandapor. but it seemed that a few people were still missing so Richard and I went up by ourselves and rode on top of the bus this time. Better view and it smelled better. So besides dodging branches and electric lines this was definetly the best part of the day. (more later )

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