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Got milk?

Billy Miner pie for Kelly's birthday at the Keg on Dec 18

Billy Miner pie for Aaron and Tonye engagement at the Keg

Set up at the studio for the album release Dec 19

Very high tide December 20



Over at the Marsh

Can't go anywhere after the bridge!



Merry Christmas Hoomans!

Stocking stuffer

A new visitor to our beach

Mo with Mo on the couch

Mo in her condo - Christmas Day

Starting the Christmas ham on the smoker

Chef Kelly

Ham is finished!

Christmas dinner

New brace

Spill Response Team practising?


Fog Jan 15


Room at the Holiday Inn near Vancouver General Hospital - Jan 27

Larry's hospital room


View from Larry's room - it was much nicer when the mountains...

Medivac Helicopter

Snow Feb 3

Snow on a goose!





More snow Feb 10



Got a new desk for Larry while he was in the hospital...

Heading to Powell River for performance with Tonye, Corrina and Buckman Coe

On stage at McKinney's Pub


Cat on a printer!

First new goslings - April 20


A week later


Inaugural camping to Powell River May 10



Traditional dinner first night - Hamburger Helper









Goslings May 17



Cat on Larry's lap

Start of red hot pokers May 19


And again a week later!

May 24

A warm spot

May 26




Wood duck


Common Merganser

Bear May 31

Our eagles June 1

Never get tired of the view

Reading on the deck with the firepit

Red hot pokers May 28

New printer box



Red hot pokers June 5

It's been an interesting few months. Because Aaron and Tonye weren't able to come over for Christmas, we went over to Vancouver! We stayed at the Westin Grand - Larry, Maureen and Kelly - and Pat and Steve joined us there too. We had a great dinner at the Keg, celebrating Kelly's birthday and Aaron and Tonye's engagement. The next night we went to the St. Regis Bar & Grill for dinner then on to the album release and show. It was packed at the studio and the music was great. Christmas itself was quiet with just Larry, Maureen and Kelly enjoying a beautiful smoked ham dinner.

Larry had a new brace made which hopefully will make it more comfortable to walk. This didn't really work out and we ended up getting an addition to it in early June.

Larry had some health issues which all started on May 18, 2018 when he went to Lion's Gate Hospital in North Vancouver for a prostate biopsy and the following day he ended up with E-Coli Blood Poisioning and ended up having to take 6 days of IV medication. The E-Coli or something like that came back again in July and then again in August and finally they discovered through a CT Scan that he had a fistula. Also forgot to mention that his biopsy showed prostate cancer which is at the lowest scale possible and we're not sure what we will do with that at this time.

Larry got a call early in January for his surgery to repair his fistula - January 28 at Vancouver General Hospital. The surgery was successful except that he ended up with an Ileostomy bag which is temporary. We did some quick training and then were home on February 1 - snow was coming! We had a few visits from the Home Care Nurses for further assistance with changing the Ileostomy bag - nicknamed Oscar. There were issues with high output from the Ostomy and Larry ended up in hospital in Sechelt because his kidneys failed so he spent 5 days getting fluids.

On March 16 Larry and Maureen met up with Aaron, Tonye and Corrina in Powell River. We stayed at the Old Courthouse which was interesting - very nice but also very old. The band was performing at McKinney's Pub, just a short walk from the hotel.

On April 12 Larry went into the Sechelt Hospital to have his Ileostomy reversed which was a success but he bled for about 36 hours from the rectum which required him to have two units of blood transfusion as his hemoglobin was below where it should be. He is ok now thank goodness.

On May 10 Larry and Maureen took their inaugural camping trip to Powell River for a few days. We managed to fit it in between some rain. We stayed at Willingdon Beach. Everything worked well with the trailer and it is very comfortable.

Adventures coming up in June!

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