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Beach Bum

Ships in the distance

Iguana near pool

Today was what they called a day of leisure. We enjoyed all of it.

Up and out on the beach about 8. One of the pools is right close so we went between the pool and walking on the beach. Such a beautiful place. We can see many ships waiting to go thru the canal. Seems it is a never ending line.

We enjoyed the pool and beach for a couple hours then went in for breakfast about 10. Nice to have any and all the drinks we want. There is a bar right at the pool. I had a Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Atlas beer- Cliff had Balboa beer, Pina Colada, Margarita. Guess we were trying to find a favorite!! There were 3 iguanas right near the pool. Didn’t seem to mind people or having their pictures taken. They said they have 4 tides here. Last night it was out- or we thought so but this morning you could see many more rocks out there. The sand is coarser than what we have seen on other beaches. Most of the shells are clams. We haven’t seen any mosquitoes yet, but they have a little bug called no see ens- bite like crazy. We used bug repellant and were fine.

It was suppose to rain most of the day, clouded up about 2 and no rain.

We say that gasoline 75 cents a liter- last month Canada was 1.24 a liter.

Great day of R & R. Had dinner with Lanny from Grand Junction.

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