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Ready for our river cruise to the village

Tribe waiting for us

One of the homes

Cliff getting a tattoo

Girls dancing






Big rain storm

Sloth sanctuary

3 rescued sloths

Today we left the hotel and went to the marina close to our resort. We got on two small boats and went to the Embera Village. They were waiting for us at the docks and were playing music to greet us. We all went under a large thatched roof area. They had their handicrafts in there for sale. We had a lesson on their culture and they danced for us. They also took some partners from the crowd. Cliff was lucky enough to get to dance with a pretty Indian girl. Both the men and women had colorful tops and bottoms on. The women had halter type tops with beads and coins strung on them. Men just had a small loin covering. All were barefoot. There were only two little kids there, as it was a school day. In Panama it is a law all children must go to school until the 9th grade.

This village has about 34 people. Accessible only by boat. It was settled in the 1950’s By Mr Zarco. He came to work for the US Government which at the time had control over the Panama Canal Zone. during the 1960’s he trained NASA astronauts in jungle survival skills in the event that their returning capsules accidentally crash-landed in the jungle. They live in very humble above ground platforms. Some were larger, maybe the ones with families. They had all their belongings on a rack like in the attach of the thatched roof. The fire pit was in the center.

One of their crafts is weaving of baskets from palm leaves. Very beautiful. Also they carve from the wood of the cocoa tree. Very intricate carvings. Beaded necklaces, bracelets and purses were also made there.

We left there by boat again and at the Marina there is a restaurant managed by the Gamboa Rainforest Resort( the one we have been at for two days). From the restaurant you can see some of the ships entering and leaving the canal. We had a nice lunch of fresh salad,soup, BBQ chicken and pork chops, of course rice and steamed veggies. During lunch a huge thunderstorm started. It poured for about an hour. We boarded the bus and head to our next adventure.

We toured a sloth sanctuary. It was still raining so we were not able to go to the butterfly garden. We are staying on the beach at a nice motel. We have all afternoon and evening to relax.

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