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Many seats reserved for “Seniors” and other categories. May be difficult to...

Burano - coloured homes at Burano

more homes in Burano - plus "wet" Heather

Rialto Bridge

2 “Celebrities” at St Marc’s Square

Our room overlooked the Grand Canal, and it was such a thrill being woken early by the many water crafts - delivery craft and others going to work. Then the chimes from the Church told us it was time to get up!

It is pouring rain and very cold! So armed with a Hotel shower cap over camera lens and wet weather gear, we braved the elements. Fortunately not many people out and about yet (but by midday, the crowds were so thick with umbrellas everywhere.)

We entered the front area of the Ferry, and wondered why there were only a few people there. Suddenly the boat lurched from waves and water gushed into the front of the boat and water soaked our shoes and socks. However, the show must go on, and the Kelly’s stayed in this area to get better views, and each heavy wave, we were trying to avoiding circling, rising water - but it was fun! Sat talking to a family from another area of Italy, and we didn’t notice the inconvenience after a while!

First port of call was Murano. The glass factory was moved centuries ago from Venice to Murano for fear of fires burning down the mainly wooden buildings of Venice. We loved looking at all the beautiful glass produce displayed every where around Venice.

Then to Burano - famous for its lace making from the 12Th Century. Beautiful lace in the shops. It is also noted for the Brightly coloured homes along the Canal.

We walked and window shopped for a while, but the rain was getting much heavier, wind stronger, and it was becoming most unpleasant, so we made our way back to the ferry.

Went back to the Hotel for a hot shower, and to hang up our dripping socks, and we were ready to go out again.

This time, took boat along the Grand Canal to the Rialto Bridge. It was crowded, and unfortunate that we had to concentrate on climbing the wet, slippery steps, and avoiding umbrellas, that we really couldn’t see the shops on the Bridge. We were asked by an elderly Japanese couple to take their photo on their phone. The man was determined that there would be no one else in the photo - and no umbrellas, so he kept indicating to us “stop, stop” and then either pushed (gently) or asked everyone to move away -in a crowded place, with everyone vying for the same vantage point. What chance did he have, but he persists! It was so funny. He then offered to return the favour, and he became more excited, and was determined to make it a perfect photo for us! People must have thought we were celebrities!

Then on to St Marc’s Square. We were taking a selfie there, and an Asian couple offered to take it for us. Again, “ no, not there, no, too much shadow, no, move back,, put umbrella away” - so funny watching this young couple in action. They forgot that we were standing in the pouring rain, with no umbrella waiting for their perfection, while they remained under cover. See attached photo!

Back to Hotel and David had one last Brithday surprise of a candle lit dinner. It was to be on the roof top, overlooking the Canal, but it was too wet, so inside dining area. It was still very special.

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