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ItaloTreno train

Bridge over Grand Canal

Flowers in room

We’re ready to go!

Our Gondolier - He even sang for us - at no extra...

Was it a highlight - you bet!

After showering again in the “broom” closet, went down for breakfast. The waitresses wear traditional black dresses with white lace collars and stiffened cuffs - as of old!

Then, we pushed our suitcases the 600 metres from our Hotel to the Railway Station “Termini,” over pothole pavements, bouncing the gutters, cross roads with peak hour traffic - no! don’t look that way - you are in Europe, then around crowds that don’t move aside for “oldies”. Successfully completed!

So exciting in ItaloTreno fast Train - we are in row one, having purchased a “Seniors” ticket, way in advance at half the usual price. Marvelled at emerald green countryside, with country stone houses, vineyards, green, green everywhere. Top speed 250 kmh.

Intended using the time on 3 1/2 hour train trip to catch up on journal, but scenery was just so amazing, that there was not much time for anything, but sitting “glued” to the windows in awe. Only wrote during the tunnels!

Anticipation rising then, announcement “ Next station Venezia Santa Lucia”

So excited. Emerged from Railway Station and there it was - the Grand Canal! Excitement, action, bustling, crowds. A porter came and offered to take our luggage over many steps of the Canal Bridge for a fee. We were so grateful as this would have been a great effort for us.

Birthday surprise waiting in our room - vase of flowers, and canapés and Birthday wishes.

At Check in, we were asked if we wanted to do our Gondola ride today, as rain is forecast for tomorrow. So 3.30 pm today - we’ll be off. So excited...........

Just back, and the Gondola ride was every bit as wonderful as expected. Our Gondolier was so friendly and chatty. The half hour ride took us along part of the Grand Canal and then to some little back canals away from the crowds. It was super, super, super.

Later, we used our hop on “bus” pass (public canal ferry boats) and sailed to so many areas. Even went out into waters around the many islands, past an ocean liner in the passage, that was being towed by tugs out to sea. All so exciting.

Names given to Venice include “Queen of the Adriatic", "City of Water", "City of Masks", "City of Bridges", "The Floating City", and "City of Canals", and Heather just gives it the name “fabulous”.

Pizza again for dinner. Will have much of today’s events to think back on for many years.

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