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We are in the Indian Ocean going around the bottom India near Sri Lanka. When we get to the Andaman Sea we will be close to our destination of Penang Malaysia. There’s some “rock the baby “ ship motion today. Last night to put the clocks ahead another hour. Soon it will be tomorrow without having yesterday because tonight we will set the clocks ahead yet another hour.

While D napped I spent some time researching why the cow became sacred in the Hindu religion. There are lots of explanations not all the same and no beginning that I found. The only reason I researched it was because our guide said the young generation has drifted away from tradition and are eating cattle meat. He blamed McDonalds.

The most interesting reason I found was by the first century AD cows had come to be associated with the Brahman’s. They were at the top of the caste system in Hinduism. To kill a cow was liken to killing a Brahman a big taboo. Now if only they would ask these questions at the next Trivia.

Aren’t you lucky we’re at sea because I have also had time to research the cashew tree. The actual cashew nut grows outside the fruit. One per fruit. It takes a tree 3-5 years to produce any. They grow in Brazil,India, Vietnam, Africa, and South E Asia. I will attach a picture.

One of my table mates is pirating my day titles and using them on the Spectrum of the Seas website. Our room Stewart asked for my blog site. It seems the crew likes to read about the passengers impressions of the ship, crew, and ports.

Today at 2 pm Behind the Scenes of Forensic Science. Tonight’s entertainment Comedy string quartet????

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