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Tomorrow we will be in Cochin, India & we will present our visas several times again. But I had forgotten the attack on the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in 2008 killing 167 people, many who were tourists, but most were Indian citizens. The man who planned it was a Pakistani-American who had stayed there many times. They can check my visa and put our bags through the scanner all they want. We took pictures of that very hotel that now has a huge addition added to it.

This was a Sea day prepare for odd random comments. This ship has soft water and the temperature is around 92 with 82% humidity. My hair locks like white chocolate cotton candy.

Our progressive Trivia group of six has the name “50 shades of gray matter.” The other four are Aussies one named Judy.

I went to the Chinese paper cutting class with my own scissors and glue sticks. We cut out “double happy” and “heart around.” Today we did not have to bring our own paper. 57 people did this,9 were men.

Insane, we won morning Trivia with just 4 1/2 points out of 20. Where are they getting the questions! Everyone gets a key chain for Christmas!

Because there is a lot of sea days on this cruise they have enrichment lectures. The guest speaker they have is the author Tracy Hawkins from Australia. She has done an extensive study of serial killers and spent most of her career working with the criminally insane. Her first talk was about killing methods, poison, weapons, bare hands. Today it was Criminal minds. Sociopaths VS Psychopaths. This is a Psychopath riddle she gave us.

“A woman meets a handsome man at her mother’s funeral. She doesn’t get the mans name and then kills her sister. Why? Many answers were given but the right one is so he will come her funeral.”

The Royal theater holds 1200 people we go early and sit in the same area almost every night. There are 22 seats that have 12” wide pillars in front of them. The last row in the lower middle section the seats are lower than the row in front of them and you would have to be an ostrich to see. People sit and leave, sit and leave, just as we did the first night. That affects another 32 seats. The balcony seats you enter from the 5th floor have so much wrong going on with them they are a last resort . Who ever designed this theater needs to come watch a few shows in the seats with a bad view or non at all. Obviously when you sit an hour to get a good seat after having a few bad ones you watch the sit and reject process.

The other fun thing is the cup holders in the chair arms that are for wine glasses. You slide the stem into the grove and the cup portion then rests in the holder. If it’s not a wine glass but a drink in any other glass the depth of the holder is about a half an inch. So, people always sit in the first two seats and all the others have to climb over them.....and you guessed it spill where ever is in the cup holder.

I’m rambling but could I write another two pages on the last few acts we have seen.One involved a man actually climbing into a balloon he filled with air from a leaf blower and another who put a tray with 3 full glasses of wine on a wine bottle balanced on his chin while he juggled three tennis balls. I am going to be very disappointed if tomorrow we don’t have a sword swallower, riding a bike on a tight rope.

Good Night. 630am wake up call tomorrow must refill my toilet paper supply for Cochin.

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