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Typical Amish Home

Part of the Gettysburg area

This North Carolina Monument was done by the same person that did...

We visited two beautiful but very different places. At both places we thought it would be best if we took a tour bus. We were not wrong. The information they gave and where we were able to go, was just incredible.

First it was Lancaster County, home of many Amish people. My impression going there was that they live very sheltered and are very standoffish (spell check says that is a word). Well, they really are not. They have jobs outside of their group. If they have a job that requires some travel, they have to find someone that can drive them. They do their banking at a traditional bank. They can shop at Target. They generally do not have electricity in their homes. They can't own cars but can ride in them. For local travel they use horse and buggy. If they need power it has to come from a generator or propane.

While there we were able to sample some of their amazing baked goods.

Then we went to Gettysburg. Today it is a beautiful country, small rolling hill setting. Hard to picture what it looked like after three days of war.

Each state that was involved in that battle, has a monument to the soldiers that fought there. And there was a lot of states. Including Maine and Minnesota, which I just didn't think would send soldiers that far.

Because the area is so historical, the United States is taking very good care of the entire area.

We couldn't get too many pictures of either place. The Amish do not want their picture taken due to their religious beliefs. And at Gettysburg, it was raining so the pictures would not come out clearly.

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