John and Janet 2019 Louisiana travel blog

Stock Yards

Getting Ready

They're Coming

Happens Every Day

Twice A Day


Really Long Horns

They Know The Routine

Cattle Drive

Cattle Drive

Trails End

Fort Worth Stock Yards

Fort Worth Stock Yards

Can't Resist

Just Like The Motorcycle

Well, Almost

I'm Sitting On A Longhorn!

Easy Now

The Real Deal

Steady Now

Pose Nice!


Bass Performance Hall

Bass Performance Hall

Bass Performance Hall

Bass Performance Hall


Water Gardens

Water Gardens

Water Gardens

Allowed To Walk Down

Not Me - No Hand Rails!

Texas Wildflowers

Texas Wildflowers


It’s a full day!

We meet Marjorie for breakfast. She is “free” today and agrees to take us to Fort Worth. I especially want to visit the Stock Yards.

At the Stock Yards, people are lining the street. Marjorie drops us off and parks the car. Twice a day there is a longhorn cattle drive. This is what everyone is waiting for. Perfect timing!

After the cattle drive, we walk. Mostly, we see stores, restaurants and a couple of museums. Wait! There’s a longhorn.

Yes, you can sit on it. It costs $5.00. John is quick to reach in his pocket and put a fiver in my hand. I love it! Getting on and off is just like the motorcycle. This makes my day!

We walk a little more before returning to the car. Marjorie used to work in Fort Worth. She is the perfect person to show us the city. We especially enjoy the Bass Performance Hall and the Water Gardens.

We continue to lunch. Of course, we have steak. We’re in Texas after all.

It is a wonderful day! We don’t spend much time in cities so today is a real treat. In addition, the conversation is nonstop as we spend the day “catching up” while we sightsee. It couldn’t have worked out any better.

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