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We need to make a decision. There are two routes we can take today. The faster route is all interstate. The slower route is no interstate. That didn’t take long. If we are in Texas, we would like to see Texas.

We plan to travel an hour and a half before we take our break. For the first hour, it is raining but we expected that. We stop at an historic marker. There are a lot of them in Texas!

The last half hour is a mess. The skies open up. We are in a torrential downpour! It is rough going. We have the option of pulling over. We slow down and persevere.

When we make our stop I get us General Tso chicken for lunch. We need a hot meal.

The rain lets up. I call the campground we plan to stay at. They turn us off. “We’re no longer Good Sams,” she snaps. “We have one site but it’s at the back of the park. It’s not near the bath house.” Phone skills are important. We go for option B.

We drive another hour and ten minutes. We eventually check into a very nice park with a very pleasant person working the office. The park is a half hour from our friend’s home. It is doable.

I say “eventually” because there is one other glitch. The directions to the park send us to an intersection. “Go four miles northwest.” It should have read “You Have Arrived.” (No, the park and its address did not come up in our GPS.)

At the intersection there is a sign to our right for the RV Park but we are not looking to the right. We make our left and drive at least four miles. I call the park. We find a way to turn around and head back to the intersection.

At the end of a rainy day, we could have done without that. The side trip wasn’t our fault and our park hostess has made a copy of the misprint. We quickly relax. Tomorrow, we are meeting Marjorie for breakfast.

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